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Our team of experts have years of experience in international mobilisation, allowing us to provide tailored solutions for both UK and EU nationals. We understand the complexities involved in relocating employees, so we make sure that every step is taken with care.

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Experts in International Mobilisation of UK and EU Nationals

Any international construction project’s success depends on effective workforce mobilisation, which necessitates careful planning, organisation, and communication to make sure that everyone on staff is capable of carrying out their roles.

This procedure is essential for making sure the project is finished on schedule and on budget. It entails a variety of tasks, such as finding and hiring workers with the required qualifications and experience, securing the necessary visas and work permits, arranging for housing and transportation, and offering training and support to staff members as they adjust to working in a different cultural and occupational setting.


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Recruitment & Hiring

We make sure that the employee has been security vetted if require and has all the relevant documents and visa allowing them to work in any specific country We have separate employing organisations to deal with the proper pay procedures are in place so that local payrolls can be run locally and our services always include native speakers with local expertise in employee taxation. Our door to door concierge service means that you can focus on the delivery of your projects, safe in the knowledge that you have a fully qualified workforce compliant with all the regulations, regulations and laws of the countries and territories you operate in.

When you appoint SEC to handle your employee mobilisation needs, you can be sure that staff will be completely compliant, that logistics and accommodation will be taken care of, and that your staff can concentrate on the building project because they will be freed up to do so. We have won the trust of our clients, thanks to our emphasis on finding and employing employees with the appropriate skills and expertise, as well as our capacity to supply fully compliant site teams at short notice.

To ensure that all personnel are compliant with local laws and regulations in the countries where the construction project is taking place, we have a thorough process in place. Including VISA/WP for Non-EU Citizens, Notification of movement of workers, full induction, 20 hours of additional training for all new starts.

SEC Experts in

Compliance and Legal Requirements

We handle the compliance process for your multi-national construction project quickly and effectively. The company has a well-defined procedure and schedule for compliance in place for each country, and because we have established our own branches in various EU Locations, we always aim to be faster than our competitors. Enabling staff to start working on projects as soon as possible, preventing delays, and ensuring project stay on schedule.

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Mobilisation of Data Centre Personnel

Here at Sketchley we have over 30 years of experience in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors across the globe. We understand and can mobilise the right support for any Data Centre Project anywhere across the world, working with global industry leaders.

Whether you are a candidate or an employer, we will always be on hand to support you throughout the entire recruitment process, offering advice and market knowledge, and most importantly constructive and accurate feedback.


How do you perform security checks and work visa validity?

SEC Obtain the Visa/WP as the workers are our employees and the VISA is attached to the employer applying for them.

What is the process SEC perform that ensures international candidates will be housed in a safe and secure environment?

The SEC team takes a very thorough and thoughtful approach when placing international candidates in new housing locations. First, our team conducts a rigorous safety and security assessment of housing sites including a review of local crime rates, assessment of nearby infrastructure and security protocols, in addition to reviewing the housing’s overall condition. SEC also works closely with our local housing agents to ensure that only those apartments that meet our strict safety and security criteria are offered to our international candidates. Furthermore, any sites deemed unacceptable are immediately flagged and not utilised. Finally, when it comes time to move in, our SEC staff provides a comprehensive orientation to international candidates, assuring them of their safety and comfort in their new housing


What assurances do you provide for the delivery of international candidates in line with project deadlines?

For each country that we operate in, we have a clear process and timeline for compliance to be completed. As we have physical branches set up in numerous EU Locations and are constantly expanding so that we can provide time frames significantly faster than our competitors.

What is the process a client would go through when using your full recruitment service?

Whilst all ours services are bespoke to different contractors, this is an outline of a typical process we use.

  • Initial consultation: Discuss the client’s specific recruitment needs and objectives, the timeframe, budget, and other relevant information.
  • Pre-screening: Conduct remote initial pre-screening to locate qualified international candidates that meet the requirements outlined by the client.
  • Job posting: Develop a job posting to disseminate to job boards, social media platforms, and other recruitment channels as appropriate.
  • Resume Review: Utilise an automated resume screening system to review incoming resumes and pre-qualify them based on client criteria.
  • Shortlisting: Select a shortlist of the most highly qualified candidates for further review and advance them to the interview process.
  • Interviews: Facilitate virtual initial and second rounds of interviews with qualified candidates, as well as additional assessment or testing that may be required for the position.
  • Selection and offer: Assist the client in selecting the most qualified candidate and negotiating final offer details as required.
  • Visa and Relocation: Assuming the job requires visa and/or relocation assistance, provide guidance and resources to the successful candidate to facilitate their move.
  • Onboarding: Ensure an effective onboarding process for the successful candidate to help ensure a successful start in their new role.

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